I have worked on a number of infographics for a variety of clients. Here are a few favorites.

  • Role Designer + Illustrator
  • Type Infographic

World Federation of Hemophilia: World Federation of Hemophilia: I created this print infographic for the World Federation of Hemophilia. They had a large amount of information that they wanted to fit on a letter size piece of paper, so the challenge was to make something informative but not too busy at that size.

Fulfillment Fund:
I created this infographic to depict the steps that Fulfillment Fund takes to help students from under-resourced communities achieve academically. Using iconography, illustration and other graphic elements, the infographic clearly demonstrates the problem, Fulfillment Fund’s multi-part solution, and the resulting positive effect on the larger community.

BHEF & The Navy:
BHEF needed an infographic to explain the gap in the Navy’s STEM workforce. As this was to be a standalone piece that would be printed, used online, and in presentations, I set the information into a scene full of bright colors and ample illustrations to create something that would be eye catching and engaging if seen across the room on the wall or projected on a screen. At the same time, a lot of information is packed into the infographic that, when examined up close, adds to the story about the gap in STEM workers in the Navy.